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We try to keep our prices as straight-forward and simple as possible:

  • $75 Account Set Up fee: includes check setup for one business bank account and up to twelve employees.
  • $2 per employee per month Additional Set Up fee when you transfer your account mid-year (waived if complete payroll details for year to date and quarter to date are submitted).
  • $5 per employee per pay period with a $25 minimum charge per pay period (includes delivery)
  • $15 Same Day Final Paycheck fee per employee (delivery not included). There is no additional final paycheck fee if included in regular payroll service.
  • No Charge for preparation of Federal and State payroll reports (Federal forms 940/941/944/945, State DE7/DE88/DE9/DE9C etc)
  • No Charge for preparation of Annual Federal Pay Statements (Federal forms W-2/1099 and W-3/1096 reports)

Why don't we charge for Federal and State payroll reports and filings like the other guys? These reports and returns are required. They MUST be filed correctly and on time. You CANNOT opt out of filing them, so why have a surprise extra charge?

Still have questions? Feel free to use the form to the right to request a quote and more information or contact customer service at (888) 897-5035